4x4 Suspension & GVM Upgrades

Whether you want to improve the ride of your 4×4 vehicle, increase your off-road performance or increase the carrying capability of your 4×4 vehicle with a GVM upgrade, the team at TUFF Australia can provide you with a range of options.

Lovells 4x4 Suspension

TUFF Australia proudly partners with Lovells Automotive Systems, a distinguished Australian manufacturer with a 90-year legacy in crafting premium-quality springs and suspension components. At TUFF, we are dedicated to supplying you with superior Australian-made GVM upgrades and suspension solutions in collaboration with Lovells Automotive Systems.


With nearly a century of expertise, Lovells Automotive Systems has earned a global reputation as a leader in the automotive, camper trailer, towing components, agriculture, mining, and railway industries. Their commitment to upholding high standards and prioritising customer satisfaction aligns seamlessly with our values at TUFF.


 At TUFF Australia, we are passionate about delivering products that exceed expectations. Our partnership with Lovells ensures that you experience “The Ride of your Life.” We focus on maintaining exceptional quality standards rather than compromising for lower prices, allowing us to offer unparalleled suspension components to our clients worldwide.


Explore the comprehensive range and detailed information on Lovells Automotive Systems’ offerings by visiting their website.


For personalised quotes and expert advice, contact TUFF Australia at 1300 23 8833 today. Elevate your driving experience with our top-notch Australian-made GVM upgrades and suspension components, where quality and performance meet seamlessly.


Lovells Shock Absorbers

Engineered in Australia, Lovells Twin-Tube Performance Gas Charged Struts and Shock Absorbers cater to automotive enthusiasts and purists seeking a highly responsive suspension system.


Specifically designed to complement Lovells’ performance coil springs and their respective spring rates, the shock absorber controls are customised for each vehicle application. Utilising advanced technology refined through years of research and development, Lovells shock absorbers and complete suspension kits boast several unique features tailored for everyday vehicles, distinguishing them from typical aftermarket suspension systems.

We can also upgrade the shock absorbers to the monotube style for extra weight or legendary monotube remote reservoir 8 stage adjustable shock absorbers. 


Contact our team today to add suspension or a GVM upgrade to your vehicle.


Outback Armour Suspension

TUFF HQ Australia (Toowoomba) fits Outback Armour Suspension kits and components to suit your vehicle. Outback Armour suspension is designed from the ground up in Australia for our conditions.


Outback Armour suspension is ideal for tradesmen, adventurers and 4WD enthusiasts with both front and rear suspension offerings. These suspension kits are designed and engineered in Australia to provide the strength, durability and reliability required for demanding off-road conditions.


A front lift kit includes a pair of assembled struts (including struts, coil springs and strut mounts) ready to install in the vehicle. Coil spring seat spacers are pre-installed on the struts to suit the specified front heights with additional accessories loads.


A rear ‘trail’ lift kit can suit vehicles with light to medium load carrying requirements all the way to “expedition xhd” lift kit suits vehicles with heavy constant load carrying requirements. A rear kit includes: shock absorbers, leaf springs, leaf spring bush kit, shackles, pins & u-bolts.

Outback Armour Shock Absorbers

Outback Armour Shock Absorbers - Front & Rear Suspension


  • Unladen weight: Choose between Performance – Trail (for Unladen weight), or Adjustable Bypass – Trail.
  • For a load of 50-100kg (TUFF Steel Bullbar): Choose between Performance – Expedition or Adjustable Bypass – Expedition.
  • For a load of 100-150kg (TUFF Steel Bullbar & winch): Choose between Performance – Expedition HD or Adjustable Bypass – Expedition HD.



  • Unladen weight: Choose between Performance – Trail (for Unladen weight), or Adjustable Bypass – Trail.
  • For a load of 150kg (TUFF Alloy Tray – No rack and no toolboxes): Choose between Performance – Expedition or Adjustable Bypass – Expedition.
  • For a load of 300kg (TUFF Steel Tray only or TUFF Alloy Tray with Rack & Toolboxes): Choose between Performance – Expedition HD or Adjustable Bypass – Expedition HD.
  • For a load of 500kg (TUFF Steel Tray & Rack & Toolboxes): Choose between Performance – Expedition XHD or Adjustable Bypass – Expedition XHD.

4WD Suspension & GVM Upgrade FAQs

A suspension upgrade is completed to improve the handling, clearance and off road performance of your vehicle. If you want a smoother ride, better performance and improved handling, including reducing body roll, then a suspension upgrade may be just what your vehicle needs.

Upgrading your vehicle suspension is a great investment as it can significantly enhance the comfort and handling of your car. By upgrading the suspension you will enjoy a smoother ride with less bumps on the road and improved handling for the driver. 
A GVM upgrade increases the legal Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) of your vehicle and means that you can carry a larger load without affecting the performance, handling and safety of your vehicle. It doesn’t take long to go over the legal maximum weight (GVM) of your vehicle by the time you add some accessories, and passengers in your vehicle. 
A GVM upgrade and a lift kit are two very different upgrades you can do to your vehicle. A GVM upgrade increases the allowable or legal weight that your vehicle can carry and tow, whereas a lift kit simply raises the vehicle’s suspension, giving you greater clearance.

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