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Pricing starts from


The TUFF Eureka Ute Tray

Uniquely designed ute tray for tradies & 4×4 adventurers

This uniquely designed, modern aluminium ute tray has a range of practical features for tradies and 4×4 adventurers for work, play and adventure. With it’s sleek styling and handy storage options including slide-out rear drawer and tapered underbody toolboxes, it’s not only eye catching but practical to boot. 
What makes the Eureka alloy ute tray stand out?
The Eureka ute tray is designed to provide a ride that’s smoother, more controlled and far less prone to wear and tear, all thanks to a small, yet powerful solution. Our 10mm high-strength rubber pad is strategically positioned between the tray mounts and the chassis, acting as a steadfast barrier against vibrations, shocks and the harsh conditions you encounter while off-roading.
The Eureka ute tray is a stylish, yet practical option for your vehicle, and is designed to work well with the Eureka ute canopy.

*TUFF Eureka Trays are currently available for the Next-Gen Ranger, 70 & 300 Series Landcruisers  – please enquire.

  • High-Spec Alloy
  • Full Flush Floor
  • Recessed Combing Rail
  • Sealed Slide-Out Rear Drawer
  • Light Up Tapered Underbody Toolboxes
  • LED Tail Lights With Sequential Indicators
  • Stainless Steel Headboard Tank – Diesel or Water
  • Spare Wheel Mount
  • Dual Battery System
  • And many more

Other ute tray options available for your vehicle

Steel Ute Trays

TUFF Steel Ute Trays provide market-leading strength, quality and value for money. TUFF Steel Ute Trays are built to the same high-quality standards as the legendary TUFF bullbars to provide reliable operation for many years.

Alloy Ute Trays

TUFF Alloy Ute Trays are constructed from high-grade aluminium and are fully welded ensuring optimal strength and durability. TUFF’s alloy tray is ideal for anybody looking for the functionality of a steel tray but with the weight saving of aluminium.

Fleet Ute Trays

TUFF Fleet Trays offer excellent quality for commercial organisations and trades that need a tough and durable ute tray. TUFF Fleet trays are built to the same TUFF standards as our other lines, just with a new design to streamline costs.

Ready to order a Eureka ute tray for your vehicle?

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Please note all pricing is in AUD & is subject to change. TUFF product designs are for illustration purposes only and are regularly updated. Please confirm all information with your sales consultant. 

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