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Got a question about TUFF bullbars, ute trays, canopies or other 4×4 accessories?

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TUFF bullbars are the product of choice for many people travelling in the outback and for those living in areas with high numbers of large animals on the road.

Feedback from clients provides anecdotal evidence that TUFF bullbars can help prevent injury and damage from animal strikes and other impacts. Technical research from the New South Wales Centre for Road Safety (Part of the NSW transport department) shows TUFF country style bullbars provided superior protection for vehicles and can reduce serious injuries. Furthermore, airbags deployed without failure during tests of the bullbars. Read more.

The fitment of TUFF products does not affect your new car warranty.

Under consumer law you have the right to add accessories (from credible suppliers) of your choice to your new vehicle. Your choices are not confined to vehicle manufacturer products.


Research conducted by insurance companies and the 4WD industry show that the cost of repairing vehicles due to animal-related collisions, run into the millions of dollars across Australia annually.


Therefore, protecting your investment with a TUFF bullbar provides you with the ultimate protection for you and your family, and assists with reducing insurance claims and premiums.


If you are told that a TUFF accessory will void or affect your warranty, please ask for this information to be put in writing.

With qualified engineering staff, TUFF designs its accessories to work with vehicle technology such as parking sensors and radar and cruise control units.

TUFF has been building bullbars and trays to work with sensors and radars for many years.

TUFF bullbars are compliant with ADR 69/00 (Vehicle Frontal Protection System Impact Test – Air Bag) and Compatibility Certificates are available on request.

TUFF products also comply with Australian Standard 4876 – frontal protection systems. The front face of a TUFF bullbar has been carefully designed to ensure that it does not lean outward from the vehicle. Aerial tabs and driving light mounts are fixed to the bullbar in a manner that prevents them from becoming dangerous projections. All accessory fixtures are positioned on the rear of all TUFF bullbars.


The ends of TUFF bullbars are curved to wrap around the front of the vehicle. They do not protrude beyond the legal maximum width of the vehicle. The overall height of a TUFF bullbar has been designed to be practical and protective. Bars extending too high over the bonnet are not permitted.


The New South Wales technical specification on frontal protection —provides the best and most understandable bullbar regulation and TUFF bullbars comply in all respects.

A bullbar mounting system is the most important part of any design, and as every vehicle is different, our TUFF mounting systems are designed specifically to suit the vehicles chassis and the bullbar bolting onto it.


All TUFF mounts are cut from 8 – 10mm steel plate and are designed and independently tested to ensure they are compatible with the vehicles standard safety equipment, without compromising the strength and performance of the TUFF bullbar.


TUFF bullbars meet the requirements of ADR 69/00 (Vehicle Frontal Protection System Impact Test – Air Bag) and Compatibility Certificates are available on request.


To ensure a TUFF bullbar properly serves its purpose, the design and engineering team at TUFF, take a number of factors into consideration, such as; crush rate, airbag deployment, reflection, profile, airflow and accessory fitment just to name a few.


The shape and dimensions of a bullbar strongly influence the degree of protection offered to other road users too. TUFF bullbars follow the profile of the vehicle and when fitting the bullbar, we ensure that the width of the vehicle is not exceeded.


After the bullbar has been fitted you can be assured that TUFF bullbars comply with the Australia Standard Guidelines and relevant Australian Design Rules (ADRs). Read more.

When choosing a bullbar it is worth thinking about what you need the vehicle for.

If you are operating in an area with large number of kangaroos an Australian made (for Australian conditions) country type bullbar such as a five post will provide the best protection. If four-wheel driving is your main use the TUFF 4×4 bullbar with additional clearance.


A bullbar which has its tubing close to the vehicle body provides minimal impact protection against large kangaroo strikes. If there is little gap, the tube will end up in the vehicle body. It is important to make sure you buy from a reputable supplier that provides compliant products with back up and support. Because TUFF bullbars and trays are a recognised brand with a reputation for durability the trade-in value can be improved. A quality Australian made product will hold its value better compared to imported products. Steel and alloy products are available to suit your requirements. Alloy has the advantage of being a light material with good durability characteristics with no potential rust issues. All TUFF alloy products are built with extra heavy material to provide the maximum durability. Steel is still a favourite for many due to its inherent strength and ease of repair.


Worst hotspots for kangaroo strikes….read more



  1. Airbag compatible
  2. Posts do not lean forward
  3. Indicator/Park lights fitted to bullbar
  4. Rounded corners
  5. Rounded tubes to outside stays
  6. Radius edges
  7. All UHF Aerials/Spotlights are mounted behind the forward face of the bullbar
  8. The bullbar is manufactured by a reputable and responsible manufacturer.

Is powder coating better than spray painting for my tray?

Well, it depends on your needs. Spray painting generally provides a closer match to vehicle colours although we do have a number of powder coating options that provide a close match. Powder coating tends to be more durable due to the thickness of the coating and inherent characteristics.

At TUFF we have formulated our own powder coating primer to give the best corrosion protection available. It has a much higher zinc content than other powders so rust can be prevented. TUFF has its own coating business, TUFF Coatings that is an ISO quality accredited provider. All TUFF powder coating and spray painting is undertaken by TUFF Coatings.

We have more than 30 TUFF Stores around Australia that can provide you with TUFF products and fitting.

You can also call TUFF HQ on 1300 BE TUFF (1300 2388 33)


Find a preferred fitment store in your area….find my store

The major difference between steel and alloy trays is the weight.  A steel tray weight is significantly more than an aluminium tray.  But weight is not the only thing to consider.  The more your vehicle weighs, the more your fuel, brakes and tyre costs will be.  A heavy-duty ute tray is ideal for rougher jobs.  It can take the heavy knocks and doesn’t rust.  A steel ute tray is suitable for most environments.  However, you will have to be vigilant about rust in the sea-side environment. 


Alternatively, you can get your steel ute tray powder coated or painted to temporarily protect it from rust.  Aluminium is light and has another advantage over steel ute trays in coastal areas as aluminium does not rust.  You don’t need to add additional protection to an aluminium ute tray.  Steel trays for utes will take a battering from tools and supplies without showing the wear and tear.  By contrast an aluminium ute tray may show the wear and tear more.  There are differences between steel and aluminium ute trays, you need to choose the one which is best meets your needs

Custom anything may cost a little more than mass produced, but the story doesn’t stop there.  TUFF Australia gives you 20 years experience in premium 4wd accessories.  Custom ute trays can be fitted out with the extras you need such as canopies, dog boxes, storage and tool boxes, water and fuel tanks, slide out draws, rear racks etc.  Most importantly, these trays and accessories will be made specifically for your ute.  Trays for Utes, including 4wd trays, are very individual.  Whether it’s weekend camping with your mountain bikes or work as a tradie, a custom aluminium ute tray or steel ute tray will meet your needs.  As to the price, your best bet would be to give us a call and discuss further.

Trays for Utes are a very personal thing.  What one person needs their ute to do is very different to what another wants.  For those who like to get out and get to grips with nature, there are 4wd trays available. These trays are robust enough to hold all your camping gear and hang your mountain bikes off for a weekend outdoor adventure.  A single cab tray is also a great addition.  These larger ute trays give you room enough for all your work needs.  And you can move house with it during the weekend.  Steel ute trays are much heavier but more solid than aluminium trays.  A steel ute tray will take the heavy tools of a tradesman and all the materials you can throw at it.  It will not ding easily.  But, if you plan to use it in a sea-side environment you will need to be vigilant for rust.  Aluminium, by contrast, is fine in that environment.  Aluminium is also a lot lighter than steel which will have implications for fuel, tyre and brakes.  So, as you can see, which kind of ute tray you should buy depends on what you want from it.

At TUFF we regularly repair minor damage to bullbar and trays.

In some cases products are unfortunately unrepairable.

TUFF Australia has gained a reputation for excellent client service and back up.

We stand by our products and will always make good any issue that we have caused. Our warranty is 12 months for normal wear and tear. Timber tray floors require special attention and maintenance.


We have more than 30 TUFF Preferred Fitment Stores around Australia where support including warranty, sales and fitting can be provided.


For more information, please read our terms and conditions.

If you get your bullbar sent to your local regional town you can save some money on freight costs.

TUFF works to get the best freight pricing available while ensuring items get to their destinations in good order. Read more.

TUFF Australia proudly manufacture the strongest bullbars, brushrails, ute trays, canopies, 4×4 accessories, truck bodies and cattle crates. All TUFF products are Australian made and built to last.

Please note all pricing is in AUD & is subject to change. TUFF product designs are for illustration purposes only and are regularly updated. Please confirm all information with your sales consultant. 

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