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TUFF Nudge Bars

TUFF nudge bars are designed to provide light impact protection to the front of your vehicle for minor bumps, knocks and scratches. Nudge bars are also built to suit the addition of light bars or spotlights. 


Made from 76mm alloy tube, TUFF Nudge bars are a functional asset to your vehicle for not only the strength and protection of the nudge bar, but also offer the option of adding ladder tubes and racks to carry heavy weights on your vehicle.


The TUFF Nudge bar is built for a select range of makes and models and provides excellent strength and finish.

  • Alloy
  • Lightweight
  • ADR Compliant
  • 76mm Tube
  • 2 Spotlight Tags
  • Spotlights
  • Light Bars
  • Front Rack & Tubes
  • Sensors
  • Powder coat – ripple black or antique silver
  • Polished – alloy only
  • Wetspray automotive with colour matching

(Please Note: Spray paint colours and other powder coat colours incur a surcharge. Please indicate your colour code at the time of requesting your quote).

Nudge Bar FAQs

A nudge bar is added to the front of a ute or vehicle to provide extra protection in a minor collision. They protect the front of your vehicle from minor bumps, knocks and scratches. 

A nudge bar is a smaller, lighter bar that sits lower on the front of your vehicle and is a popular option for low impact protection for your vehicle. It is most commonly made from aluminium (alloy). In comparison, a bull bar is a larger style bar that provides heavy-duty protection to the front of your vehicle and can be made from steel or alloy with different thicknesses in tube and channel size, as well as a variety of design styles.

Nudge bars are designed for low-impact protection, and in most instances will only provide limited protection against kangaroos. If the front side of your vehicle was impacted by a kangaroo, it’s unlikely that a nudge bar would provide the protection you need. For the best protection against kangaroos and other fauna, we recommend our post style bullbars, 4×4 bullbars, aerostyle bullbar and Eureka bullbar.  

Nudge bars are designed to assist against light or low impact collisions. So depending on the severity of the accident, they can assist in reducing some of the impact and injuries. For the best protection in an accident, it would be recommended to have a bullbar fitted to your vehicle.

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Please note all pricing is in AUD & is subject to change. TUFF product designs are for illustration purposes only and are regularly updated. Please confirm all information with your sales consultant. 

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