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Anton Griffiths - CEO TUFF Australia

Anton Griffiths


Meet Anton Griffiths, the driving force behind TUFF Australia as our esteemed Chief Executive Officer. In 2002, Anton’s life took a transformative turn when the Griffiths Family acquired TUFF, prompting a move from Zimbabwe to Australia, for a fresh start. Anton’s initiation into TUFF was hands on, starting out by fitting bullbars, as well as working in dispatch and on the factory floor – a testament to his grounding in the very essence of the company.


From those early days on the tools, Anton’s journey within TUFF unfolded organically. He delved into sales, acquiring a comprehensive understanding of the business landscape. Through unwavering commitment and a passion for continual improvement, he gradually ascended the ranks, ultimately assuming the pivotal role of managing the entire company.


Anton lives by a simple yet powerful belief: “We can’t be mediocre for success. We just can’t. If we want to have more, we need to be better.” This philosophy echoes through every aspect of TUFF’s operations, pushing the team to strive for excellence in business, marketing, administration, sales and production – identifying weaknesses and filling them in. At TUFF, mediocrity simply isn’t acceptable.


Beyond the boardroom, Anton is a dedicated advocate for the local Toowoomba community. He actively raises funds for various foundations, including Protea Place, a not-for-profit that assists vulnerable women.


Outside of work, Anton is an avid traveller, always eager to embrace new experiences. A sports enthusiast, he balances his love for competition with quality family time, cherishing moments with his wife and two children.


Anton is a true country man at heart and values a good yarn and takes immense pride in the TUFF name. His leadership is not just about steering the company; it’s about fostering a culture of excellence, community engagement and a genuine connection with the TUFF family.

Mark Casey

Mark Casey

General Manager

Mark Casey has been the General Manager at TUFF Group for eight years, and has extensive experience in leadership roles throughout his career. Previously, he served as a general manager at Newlands, a civil construction company, and Dankav, a specialised commercial insurance construction company on the Gold Coast. Additionally, Mark held the position of Corporate Development and People Manager at McNab, a commercial construction company.


Under Mark’s leadership, TUFF has experienced significant growth, expanding from five employees 20 years ago, to now employing 150 people, across three factory locations. He is proud of the team’s dedication to delivering the best Australian-made products daily. TUFF’s owners, Phil and Anton Griffiths, invested $5 million in Japanese laser cutting and folding equipment at the Toowoomba HQ, elevating the company’s manufacturing excellence.


Mark’s focus includes building quality systems and processes for consistent product offerings, developing the management team to support group growth, and overseeing subsidiaries like Ultimate Bullbars and TUFF Brisbane. His role is integral to attracting top talent, fostering a positive culture, and enhancing efficiency to meet client needs promptly.


Mark is a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors, holding a Master of Philosophy (research) from the University of Queensland and a BA (Honours) from University College Dublin.

Stephen Bottrell

Stephen Bottrell

National Business Development Manager

Meet Stephen Bottrell, TUFF’s National Business Development Manager, who assists in growing the TUFF footprint around Australia, while building relationships with both new and existing clients. Stephen loves heading out to visit clients and TUFF stores, chatting on the phone to discuss all the latest 4×4 accessories, new designs and everything TUFF. 


Outside the hustle of business development, Stephen loves hooking up the caravan and hitting the road on family adventures. And this is exactly what his ideal holiday is – anywhere he can park the caravan for the night. Whether it’s in the bush under the stars, or by the beach, as long as Stephen is with his family, it’s one of his favourite things to do. 


Now, here’s a surprising tidbit about Stephen – he shares a connection with his wife that goes back to their childhood. Growing up on the same street, fate had a plan, and Stephen didn’t even realise he lived on the same street as his future wife!

Craig Fanning

Craig Fanning

south east qld Business Development Manager

Say hi to Craig Fanning, TUFF’s Brisbane Business Development Manager, who assists in growing the TUFF footprint in the Brisbane region, while building relationships with both new and existing clients.


With over 30 years in the 4×4 and automotive industry, Craig has become intuitive to the direction major players in the industry are shifting and adapting to. He is excited about the future for the TUFF Group and continuing to work with clients, sharing their passion and chatting about all the latest 4×4 accessories, new designs and everything TUFF. 


When he steps out of the office, Craig enjoys following his beloved Queensland Reds in the rugby union – in fact he admits to being a complete rugby union tragic, watching motor racing and cricket and having a hit of golf. And he also loves a bit of adventure, having successfully made it to the summit of Møllehøj, the highest point in Denmark, with a breathtaking view from its 170 metre high summit. Wow! 


When it comes time his favourite holiday destination, Craig can’t go past the sandy beaches of Limassol, Cyprus, in the Mediterranean Sea.

Talia Byrne

Talia Byrne


Introducing Talia Byrne, TUFF’s Sales Manager, who is dedicated to building relationships with clients and helping them to find the perfect TUFF products to suit their lifestyle. Talia enjoys connecting with a diverse range of clients, turning working relationships into friendships along the way.


Outside of the office, Talia can be found gardening or heading off on fun camping adventures and road trips.  An avid reader and lover of music, Talia also enjoys curling up with a good book or the perfect playlist.


Now, here’s an interesting tidbit that not many know about Talia – she’s not just skilled in sales, but she can also whip up a mean margarita! Her mixology talents add a fun twist to celebrations at work and with friends.


When it comes to holiday destinations, Talia’s heart lies where the sun meets the sand and cocktails are served with a view. Any place with a beach, sunshine, and the promise of a refreshing cocktail is where you will find Talia.

Jamie Grant

Jamie Grant

Sales Consultant

Say hi to Jamie Grant, one of our TUFF Sales Consultants. Jamie is dedicated to ensuring customer satisfaction by helping customers with great deals on TUFF products, keeping them safer on Aussie roads.


Outside of work, you can find Jamie enjoying quality family time, relaxing at home and heading away on family holidays. However, there’s more to Jamie than meets the eye—when not immersed in work or family, you can find him playing the snare drum in a local pipe band in Ipswich. Notably, Jamie’s musical talents even extend to having played for famous personalities.


When it comes to holiday destinations, Jamie’s heart belongs to Maclean and Yamba in NSW. This picturesque location is at the top of his list when he gets to enjoy some downtime.

Louise Hunt

Louise Hunt

Marketing Coordinator

Meet Louise Hunt, TUFF’s Marketing Coordinator, and the creative force behind our brand. Louise thrives on the opportunity to infuse creativity into her role and connect with the beautiful people that make up our TUFF family nationwide.


When Louise isn’t busy crafting compelling marketing campaigns, she cherishes time spent with her family. From a backyard BBQ to a beach getaway, Louise is happiest when she is with her husband, kids and adorable pets. She also loves spending time with friends, enjoying delicious food, and pairing it with a good glass of wine.


Louise’s adventurous spirit was evident from a young age. Growing up in Zimbabwe, she had encounters that not many can boast about, including being chased by an elephant and a warthog.


As for her dream holiday destination, Louise’s ideal retreat involves a beach and cocktails. Any place that combines the soothing sound of waves with the clink of glasses is her idea of the perfect getaway.

Aletta Barry

Aletta Barry

Administration manager

Introducing Aletta Barry, TUFF’s Admin Manager, who plays a vital role in the seamless operation of various facets within our company. Aletta enjoys the diversity of her role, working collaboratively with all sections of the business.


Outside of work, Aletta is an avid traveller and embraces the opportunity to discover new places and cultures, adding fun memories on every trip. 


And an interesting fact about Aletta that might surprise you – she’s a beekeeper! So if you’re looking for some honey, make a beeline to Aletta’s office for a buzz of sweetness. 


When it comes to holiday destinations, Aletta loves jetting off to Fiji. The allure of this tropical paradise makes it the perfect getaway spot that combines a mix of relaxation and adventure.

Blair Gordon

Blair Gordon

Admin/account admin

Meet Blair Gordon, TUFF’s Administration & Accounts Officer, whose role goes beyond paperwork and numbers—it’s about building relationships and working closely with our TUFF Stores across Australia. 


Outside the world of administration, Blair is a culinary wizard, especially when it comes to cooking for family and friends, which is one of her favourite things to do. And a little secret that others may not know about Blair – she holds the esteemed title of the “Cob Loaf Dip Queen.” And we know that a cob loaf is a winning dish to take to any party.


When it comes to unwinding, Blair’s favourite place to adventure to is the land of the long white cloud, New Zealand. The picturesque landscapes and easy flight from Australia, make it the ideal holiday destination, when Blair gets to take a break from her role at TUFF HQ.

Leia Sheppard

Leia Sheppard

Trainee admin & hr assistant

Say hi to Leia Sheppard, our Trainee Administration & HR Assistant, who is embarking on a new career journey with enthusiasm and a positive spirit. Leia thrives on the challenges of her role and is delighted to be part of the TUFF family, where everyone is friendly and supportive.


When she’s not at work, you can find Leia camping under the stars or navigating rough terrain in her four-wheel drive, enjoying lots of outdoor adventure. 


And for those that don’t already know, Leia is a mum of three and a proud grandma to a 6-month-old baby girl. Balancing work and family life, Leia brings a wealth of experience and a nurturing spirit to our team.


When it comes to holiday destinations, Leia loved travelling to Cape York – an unforgettable location that left a lasting impression. Her love for exploration and appreciation of nature make her a perfect fit for TUFF’s dynamic team.

Abby Dick

Abby Dick

Trainee admin assistant

Meet Abby Dick, our Administration Assistant Trainee, who brings a fresh perspective and enthusiasm to her role. Abby enjoys meeting new people every day and is excited about forging a new career pathway with the TUFF team.


Outside the office, Abby loves taking her dog on adventures and spending quality time with her friends and family. Unknown to many, Abby has a unique collection of stubby coolers, with her new favourite – a TUFF stubby cooler


When it comes to holiday destinations, Abby’s favourite place to visit is Croatia. The allure of its landscapes, culture, and vibrant atmosphere make it her dream getaway.

Sarah Wilkins

Sarah Wilkins

Purchasing manager

Introducing Sarah Wilkins, TUFF’s Purchasing Manager, who is the Queen of  procurement at TUFF. Sarah enjoys the variety of work she gets to do and thrives on the opportunity to learn new things within her role every day. 


Outside of work, Sarah enjoys renovating, having recently project managed the complete rebuild of her entire home. 


And something that very few people know about Sarah is that not only is she skilled in procurement – she’s also an excellent singer. In fact, she turned down Australian Idol, showcasing how diverse her talents are. 


When she’s not managing purchases or belting out tunes, Sarah enjoys holidays at the Sunshine Coast visiting family, or heading across the ditch to New Zealand and visiting all the breathtaking scenery.

Neil Jones

Neil Jones

Human Resources Manager

Introducing Neil Jones, TUFF’s Human Resources Manager, dedicated to fostering the learning and development of our valuable team members. Neil finds fulfillment in shaping the professional growth of our employees, ensuring they reach their full potential.


Outside of work, Neil has a creative side. He enjoys the artistry of photography, capturing moments that tell a story. When he’s not behind the camera, you’ll find him immersed in the world of gaming.


An interesting fact that not many people know about Neil is that he’s left-handed.


When it’s time to unwind and explore, Neil’s favorite holiday destinations are Vietnam and Las Vegas.

Ty Austin

Ty Austin

Operations Manager

Meet Ty Austin, TUFF’s Operations Manager, who thrives on the daily challenges that come with his role. With a passion for problem-solving, Ty ensures that operations run seamlessly, contributing to the overall success of our team.


Outside of work, Ty’s priorities shift to spending quality time with his family. His commitment to work-life balance reflects his dedication to both personal and professional growth.


While Ty enjoys the adventure of new challenges at work, he also finds solace in the great outdoors. An avid camper, he appreciates any opportunity to escape to his favourite holiday destination – anywhere that allows him to set up camp and connect with nature.

Rainer Arnold

Rainer Arnold

Engineering Manager

Say hi to Rainer Arnold, TUFF’s Engineering Manager, overseeing the quality and technical aspects of our products. Rainer is driven by working on both current and future products and assisting with the company strategy.


Rainer holds a Bachelor of Engineering in Mechatronics, an MBA and Master of Engineering. Within his role, Rainer is on a mission to simplify and automate tasks, making the workflow more efficient. Beyond the technical side, he enjoys training and motivating his team, guiding them to uphold their values and strive towards personal and professional growth.


When Rainer isn’t at work, he enjoys spending time with his wife and two sons, heading away camping and hiking and playing sports.


When it comes time his favourite holiday destination, Rainer says anywhere in Australia is great as he is living here now (originally from overseas). If he wasn’t living in Australia, Rainer would love to head back to Vada, a small village in Tuscany, Italy, where he met his beautiful wife while on a camping trip with his brother and good friend.

Rayne Mackay

Rayne Mackay

Fitting Supervisor

Introducing Rayne Mackay, our Fitting Supervisor, who plays a pivotal role in overseeing and coordinating our accessory fitting team. Rayne enjoys working alongside a great team in the fitting department at TUFF.


When Rayne isn’t at work, he loves going camping, fishing and spending time with his family.   

Now, here’s an intriguing tidbit about Rayne that not many people know – check out the first episode of the TV series “The Office,” at the 2:40 mark.


When it’s time to escape and unwind, Rayne’s favourite holiday destination is the picturesque Fraser Island, K’gari. Camping on this natural wonderland offers the perfect blend of tranquility and adventure.

Francois Du Toit

Francois Du Toit

Customer Service Officer

Meet Francois Du Toit, our dedicated Customer Service Officer, who plays a crucial role in ensuring our clients receive the exceptional service they deserve. Francois enjoys being part of the TUFF team, contributing to a fun and supportive work environment.


Outside of work, Francois loves to go fishing and being in the great outdoors. And when it comes to holiday destinations, Francois loves to visit any place where the ocean is.

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